microsoft edge chromium command line switches

Enable WebFonts intervention and trigger the signal always. tox1c90 Disables the string change from "Save Image" to "Download Image". Example: Select which ANGLE backend to use. Enables data volume counters in the Clear Browsing Data dialog. Turns on calling TRACE for every GL call. Only used if the cloud print service has been enabled. The token to use to construct the message pipe for a service in a child process. Runs un-installation steps that were done by chrome first-run. Microsoft is adopting the following command-line switches for software update packages: /help; /h; /? For enum type, use the int value of the enum value. Enables the touch calibration option in MD settings UI for valid touch displays. Specifies the maximum number of threads to use for running the Proxy Autoconfig (PAC) script. This is good for showing where the UI might be doing more rendering work than necessary. Has no effect unless --trace-startup is also supplied. Default large wallpaper to use (as path to trusted, non-user-writable JPEG file). Disables fullscreen low power mode on Mac. It is intended to be used by developers and automation to not require user interaction for opening DevTools. edge://about-- Same as edge://edge-urls/; edge://accessibility-- Inspect the representation of accessibility in Edge and modify accessibility modes. Enables deferring sync backend initialization until user initiated changes occur. Also emit full event trace logs for successful tests. List: :, :, Overrides network stub behavior. When running content_browsertests, saves output of failing accessibility tests to their expectations files in content/test/data/accessibility/, overwriting existing file content. Sep 3, 2021 Microsoft Edge This article lists some command-line flags I used to troubleshoot Edge/Chrome issues. Defaults to '1'. After you configure the EdgeOptions object, pass EdgeOptions into the EdgeDriver constructor. Overrides the default/calculated limit to the number of renderer processes. Disable paint invalidation based on slimming paint. Disables offering to upload credit cards. Requests that Chrome launch the Metro viewer process via the given appid (which is assumed to be registered as default browser) and synchronously connect to it. More info about Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, Stop loading page; Close Find dialog when it's not in focus, Open Developer Tools to the Elements tab, Save all open tabs as favorites in a new folder, Jump to the previous match for Find on page, Select the URL in the address bar to edit, Set focus to the first item in the app bar toolbar, Set focus to the first item in the favorites bar toolbar, Set focus to the next pane or notification, Set focus to the previous pane or notification, Set focus to the first item in the Immersive Reader toolbar, Set focus to the Settings and more "" button, Open a file from your computer in Microsoft Edge, Paste and search or Paste and go (if it's a URL), Print the current page in Microsoft Edge, Sign in as a different user or browse as a Guest, Refresh the current page, ignoring cached content, Reopen the last closed tab, and switch to it, Search for the currently selected text in the sidebar, Print the current page using the system dialog. We should get the product team involved or find some docs online. On platforms that support it, enables smooth scroll animation. and "foo." Sets the width and height above which a composited layer will get tiled. By default, an https page cannot run JavaScript, CSS or plugins from http URLs. This switch is used during automated testing. The following resources are available in Microsoft Stable. This flag causes sync to retry very quickly (see polling_constants.h) the when it encounters an error, as the first step towards exponential backoff. Enables defering image decodes to the image decode service. Specifies the number of seconds between sending batches of feedback to spelling service. The list is of the following form: [:],[[:],]. Disables GAIA services such as enrollment and OAuth session restore. See for the format. Optionally, can specify the specific trace categories to include (e.g. Clear search Disables use of DWM composition for top level windows. For additional information about command-line switches used by Windows Installer, visit the following Microsoft Web site: Command-Line Options. If not specified, the platform default is used. The file is overwritten if it exists. Ex: --ppapi-plugin-launcher="path\to\purify /Run=yes". Enables a number of potentially annoying security features (strict mixed content mode, powerful feature restrictions, etc.). Default small wallpaper to use (as path to trusted, non-user-writable JPEG file). Switch to an existing tab for a suggestion opened from the New Tab Page. How often (in seconds) to check for updates. Enable font antialiasing for pixel tests. Passes gpu device_id from browser process to GPU process. Specifies comma-separated list of extension ids or hosts to grant access to TCP/UDP socket APIs. Default is "". Enables experimental Harmony (ECMAScript 6) features. Set when Chromium should use a mobile user agent. It has been observed that when file reads are consistent for 3 process launches with the same /prefetch:# argument, the Windows prefetcher starts issuing reads in batch at process launch. If this version cannot be loaded, Chrome will exit. Skips all other OOBE pages after user login. Disables the dinosaur easter egg on the offline interstitial. Setting the flag to "single-fullscreen" will try to promote a single fullscreen overlay and use it as main framebuffer where possible. Useful values might be "valgrind" or "xterm -e gdb --args". Prevents Chrome from quitting when Chrome Apps are open. Example: --max-gum-fps=17.5. Used for testing. "MAP [::1]:77 --> Forces "" to resolve to IPv6 loopback. Force showing the local save checkbox in the autofill dialog box for getting the full credit card number for a wallet card. Allows the browser to load extensions that lack a modern manifest when that would otherwise be forbidden. Enables extensions to hide bookmarks UI elements. Enables Origin header in Stun messages for WebRTC. For such platforms, configure this amount as the portion of buffers+cached memory that should be treated as unavailable. Only valid with GPU accelerated compositing + impl-side painting. Causes the process to run as a sandbox IPC subprocess. Override gpu driver date from the GpuInfoCollector. Enable GpuMemoryBuffer backed VideoFrames. This means a lite page should be requested instead of placeholders whenever Lo-Fi mode is on. Disables native GPU memory buffer support. Green: Overdrawn twice. IMPORTANT: this isn't to be confused with --process-per-site (which is about process consolidation, not isolation). Also, exposes the WindowServerTest interface to clients when launched with this flag. Instructs headless_shell to print document.body.innerHTML to stdout. Enable keyboard shortcuts useful for debugging. - Displays a dialog box that shows the correct usage of the Setup command, including a list of all its command-line switches and their behaviors. Sets the maximum size of the in-memory gpu program cache, in kb. Optional flag to set a fixed sample rate for the alsa device. Use an .y4m file to play as the webcam. Touch Exploration Mode will no longer be turned on automatically when spoken feedback is enabled when this flag is set. This flag significantly shortens the delay between nudge cycles. Specify the initial window workspace: --window-workspace=id. The normal delay allows coalescing and prevention of server overload, so don't use this unless you're really sure that it's what you want. Enables paint invalidation based on slimming paint but without the full slimming paint v2 compositing code. This may allow slow unload handlers on a page to prevent the tab from closing, but the Task Manager can be used to terminate the offending process in this case. Here are the examples of the most commonly used command line arguments for the Google Chrome browser. The id's of the devices can be retrieved from 'xinput list'. The telephony region (ISO country code) to use in phone number detection. This directly sets the latency of the output device. Disables installation of default apps on first run. Disables Blink's XSSAuditor. Specifies the testcase used by the IPC fuzzer. Disable overscroll edge effects like those found in Android views. Enables grouping websites by domain and filtering them by period. This article describes the Microsoft Edge commands that can be configured via the ConfigureKeyboardShortcuts policy. Sets a secure proxy check URL to test before committing to using the Data Reduction Proxy. Overrides the default server used for profile sync. Indicates that the wallpaper images specified by kAshDefaultWallpaper{Large,Small} are OEM-specific (i.e. Allows media playback for hidden WebContents. Convert rasterization and compositing inputs to the output color space before operating on them. Enable/disable syncing of the app list independent of extensions. The maximum number of retry attempts to resolve the host. Allows clients to override the threshold for when the media renderer will declare the underflow state for the video stream when audio is present. It is intended to be used by developers who wish to test that their sites otherwise meet the criteria needed to show app banners. Find out more about the Microsoft MVP Award Program. Disable the pull-to-refresh effect when vertically overscrolling content. Enables/disables suggestions without typing anything (on first click). Enables a workaround for fast inset updates for UIWebView.scrollView. This is used during automated testing. *